Uno De 50 Magic Pills Necklace

Uno De 50 Magic Pills Necklace

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UNOde50 is a Spanish jewellery brand that gained its name and exclusive padlock icon due to its unique philosophy of producing only 50 of each design. Each handcrafted design combines a traditional and contemporary approach, resulting in bold, creative pieces.

Short necklace composed of a strip of small lentils in silver-plated metal and topped in the center with a medium pendant that includes a Swarovski crystal in Denim Blue. A jewel for a special occasion. A design by UNOde50, made in Spain following a 100% handcrafted process.


13.5 - 15.5cm 5.31 - 6.10inch

Made From:

- Silver Plated
- Made from 15-25 micron silver plated Zamak bespoke to UNOde50
- Swarovski Crystal

Zamak is a hypoallergenic metal alloy consisting of Zinc, Aluminium, Magnesium and Copper.


Store the piece in its original bag or in a closed box, in order to protect it from air, direct light or humidity. Avoid, as far as possible, any contact with perfumes or other cosmetic products.
  • SILVER PLATED PIECES:Clean with a soft cloth or with a non-abrasive silver cleaner.
  • GOLD PLATED PIECES:Clean with a soft cotton cloth, damped with warm water and mild soap in case the piece is very dirty.
  • LEATHER:Clean leather parts with mild soap or an unscented and colorant free moisturising cream.
  • RESINS:Use a soft cloth to enhance the brightness of the beads.
  • CRYSTALS AND GLASS:Use a soft, slightly damp cloth